Please be assured that we wear masks, hair nets and gloves when making your products.  We are careful to sanitize all work areas often.  Your safety is of our utmost concern.

Welcome to our online skin care boutique!  Although we are not meeting in person, it is our desire that you feel pampered during this experience.  Browse our selection of artisan soaps, creamy body butters, and awesome facial products. Enjoy!


Zoom Winter Soap Blowout

Winter Soap Blowout


In this bundle you will receive THREE soaps! 

(1) 6 oz Winter Sparkle soap.  Notes of apple blossoms, neroli, grapefruit, peaches, amber, musk and cedar wood.  This is a customer favorite for the winter season.

(1) 6.5 oz Goats milk soap scented in Alpine.  This soap is reminiscent of a walk in the woods on a snowy December day( I personally don't walk through the woods...especially if it's snowing...but use your imagination).  Scents of fresh berries, orchid, Ylang, Oakmoss and fresh spices.

(1) 2.5 oz round Menthol Soap.  Congested?  Take a nice steamy shower and let the aromatherapy of this menthol soap help soothe you.



OMG... Review by Summer on 8 Dec 2020review stating OMG... I thought I loved Fall Crush...the Winter Crush Box has outdone itself. Don’t skip the QR Code y’all!!! You must get the whole experience. Counting down to Spring 😁 Thank you!!!


There are no words to describe, to express, the beauty, the art, the thought, the joy that Winter Crush box displays. I’ve been in love with Natures Crush for a long time but this, has exceeded any expectations that I’ve had. I’m elated, I’m relaxed, I’m mesmerized by the aroma, the sounds, the touch, the experience. I’m blown away. Thank you, thaRead more about review stating I have no wordsnk you, thank you. I’m anxiously booking my ticket for spring. And I’m still sniffing my wrist


This stuff smells soooo good. It soothed my nerves as I was taking the wrapper off. I hated I only bought 2 bars!