About Us

Hello my Crushers!
    My name is Janeen and I am the owner and artisan of Natures Crush Handmade.  I am so happy you have taken the time to learn a little more about me and my awesome team.
    I started down the path of entrepreneurship when I was 14 making fragrance oils in the basement of my parents house.  Back then, (Am I aging myself?!?), we didn't have social media.  I remember paying to place an ad in the local newspaper to sell my oils.  I can still recall when I received my first envelope with an order and a check!  That feeling of accomplishment stuck with me ever since.
    Although I had (and still have) supportive parents, many people in my circle were not becoming entrepreneurs.  The advice was always to get good grades, learn a trade, and find a good job with benefits.  I succumbed to the status quo and went to school for Medical Assisting in 1987.  Don't get me wrong, I have always enjoyed my work in the medical field, I just always had something tugging at my soul.
    Fast forward, I did start a company called CaVa for Body.  I was known for my body butters and bath bombs.  My body butters affectionately assumed the nickname "skin crack".  A few years after starting, we had a health scare in the family and I stopped.  I just stopped. I wish I hadn't and that's all I have to say about that  (in the voice of Forrest Gump voice).
    I am also a partner in our family business, Natures Crush, LLC.  We import seeds from around the world and extract their natural oils using the cold-pressed method.  Because of this I have an intimate knowledge of the oils that are placed in our products.  So I truly have a seed to skin company.
    I have an awesome family and team who have been so understanding, patient, and willing to put in the hard work.  
    Please enjoy what I am evoking through my products.  I am committed to providing the absolute best for you and will consistently elevate my game through knowledge and research.  This work is in my DNA!
    Thank you for all of your support.