About Us

Hello my Crushers!
    My name is Janeen and I am the owner and artisan of Natures Crush Handmade.  I am the mother of two grown men (gasp!)  and the very fortunate wife of a wonderful man.  
     My life's journey has directed me to where I am now and I am SO thankful.  Natures Crush Handmade has been manifested many times in my life since the age of 14.
     I have a wonderful team of supporters and those who work shoulder to shoulder with me.  I hope you will get to meet or speak to Patty, Luvenia, Tarita, Al, Diamond or Dominique.  They are amazing and I could not do what I do without them.  
     Thank you for trusting me with your skincare and pampering tools.  You are all part of my family and will forever be known as a "Crusher"!
    Thank you for all of your support.